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Our mission is to deliver a product built to the highest quality standards recognised by the international megayacht industry.

This is why we are meticulous in our application of the Clipper Quality System, which comprises a pool of experts and specialist managers who perform over 1,000 quality checks and tests even on medium-sized yachts.

This is achieved by complying precisely with technical specifications, with the requirements of register and classification entities and, most importantly, with the Owner’s expectations, as interpreted by Clipper through its construction capabilities and an Italian love of design.

Aspiring to the highest technical and functional standards, without compromising on appearance and comfort, has always been one of Clipper’s most important goals.


Flexibility, creativity, determination and passion, combined with the courage to take responsibility and accept ever changing challenges: these are the skills of Clipper people, whatever their specialisation.

Architects, engineers, project managers, designers, specialist engineers and individual craftsmen: the finest professionals with the best credentials to create products to standards of quality that exceed the sum total of their individual points of excellence.

Clipper is a company formed of people who can make valuable contributions to research, to fine tuning designs and production, without ever losing sight of their primary goal of satisfying Owners.


Clipper has a centuries-old tradition of luxury yacht building.

This is where the company began life, steeped in the local seafaring culture.

For these reasons the heritage of craftsmanship has developed naturally in Clipper, nourished by the finest carpenters, metalworkers and marble-cutters and drawing on a tradition which has honed skills more finely with every passing generation.

These skills, combined with the shipbuilding culture inherited from the time-honoured Marina  yard Gold Coast City, today underpin the excellence of the Clipper production system, particularly in Marina, and allow the company to look to the future with optimism.


The company’s fanatical attention to detail and obsession with quality is clearly expressed in every centimeter of a Clipper yacht.

It is demonstrated by the combination of the finest Italian tradition and craftsmanship with the latest technology. Even the furnishings and accessories convey excellence and exclusiveness.

Clipper combines the use of top quality raw materials with the finest craftmanship.

Everything, from handrails to exterior stairways and from wardrobe doorknobs to individual scuppers, is tailor made by the expert hands of skilled craftsmen to obtain excellent aesthetic and functional results.